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What we do - We offer a fun, and amazing(!), interactive mind-reading show, where the audience themselves get to be involved, and read each other's minds in real time!

What we offer - We offer a number of different types of shows, all designed to easily accommodate our hosts' needs:

CORPORATE SHOW - The perfect performance for your next awards night presentation or the manager's meeting/get-away! A 30 - 45 minute presentation, this interactive event combines the best of both of the worlds of team building and motivational speaking...along with just the right amount of mindreading! Aimed at the corporate marketplace, this presentation assures the clients' satisfaction by being both entertaining and empowering!

PSYCHIC SHOW - the Psychic Show is a complete event that can be performed at psychic parties, clubs, small theatres and private functions. This 30 - 45 minute interactive event is a real-time journey into people's futures, hopes and dreams...extremely powerful and entertaining!

The EVERYONE SHOW - A wonderful experience where the audience gets to read each others' minds, and take part in actual mind-reading experiments in real-time! Designed for everyone, aged 14 and up, this 30 - 45 minute show uses the audience themselves to have fun and be amazed at the same time!

ESP - SCIENCE FACT OR FICTION? - the full length discovery show (60 - 75 minutes)where the issue of skepticism is addressed by demonstrating some of the original ESP tests from the early 1930's to modern-day test-condition situations...the goal is not to change anyone's mind, but to merely have them ask themselves "I wonder if...?"

The ​STROLLING SHOW - Or, perhaps your event will be more like a cocktail party: small groups of people mixing and mingling about...we mix and mingle with them, amazing each small group, and when the laughter subsides we move on to the next group...a wonderful time is had by all, as everything happens with them, personally!

Where do we do it all? - we can perform in any sized room or event, from private parties to large theaters.

What types of events - from after-dinner entertainment to corporate shows; new-business launch parties, private functions, and even fundraising events and charity shows, we will read some minds, create smiles and laughter, and help make your event unforgettable!!

"Mind2Mind is an entertaining experience in "Communication Beyond Explanation", one that will leave you amazed and laughing outloud!  - - -

"Whether you believe in mind-reading or not, whether you believe it might be possible to predict a person's future actions, or that you think that you, yourself, could read another's thoughts - after seeing a performance by Mind2Mind, you will believe that it did happen. . ."

                                              -  Joni Fitzgerald,

                                                 Duluth Enterprises

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