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"You impressed everyone, and certainly those who needed to be impressed...I'm very happy!" ​

-  Kim Torrence, EDMONTON SUN

Let's face it: the act of planning an event can be a struggle, to say the least! Our job is to make the entertainment portion of your party something that you don't have to worry about - and we make sure that your guests are not only entertained, but will be talking about your event (and thanking you for inviting them) for a long time to come!

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"Fabulous! Very funny and entertaining! Everyone loved it!" 

-  Pat Buffalo, SAMSON OIL AND GAS

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"The best interactive(!) mind to mind performance of 'Communication Beyond Explanation' - guaranteed to have your guests talking about it for months!"  - David Vega, Las Vegas


"Communication Beyond Explanation"

We offer a number of different types of show packages, all customized for you, our client, and uniquely designed to suit your specific needs.  

CORPORATE SHOW - The perfect performance for your next awards night presentation or the manager's meeting/get-away! A 30 - 45 minute presentation, this interactive event combines the best of both of the worlds of team building and motivational speaking...along with just the right amount of mindreading! Aimed at the corporate marketplace, this presentation assures the clients' satisfaction by being both entertaining and empowering!

PSYCHIC SHOW - the Psychic Show is a complete event that can be performed at psychic parties, clubs, small theatres and private functions. This 30 - 45 minute interactive event is a
real-time journey into people's futures, hopes and dreams...extremely powerful and entertaining!

The ​STROLLING SHOW - Or, perhaps your event will be more like a cocktail party: small groups of people mixing and mingling about...we mix and mingle with them, amazing each small group, and when the laughter subsides we move on to the next group...a wonderful time is had by all, as everything happens with them, personally!

THE PUBLIC SHOW/HOLIDAY PACKAGE - the full length discovery show (60 - 75 minutes) where demonstrations of some of the original ESP tests from the early 1930's to modern-day test-condition situations...the audience members themselves get to be involved, and actually do some of the mindreading! Fun, interactive, and sure to be remembered...the perfect after-dinner event!

PLUS - we can  personalize our presentations  to include specific people, messages, etc., AND make the event even more memorable!

Mind2Mind Productions works with various sizes of companies, corporations and charities...people who are looking to add world-class entertainment to their events, so that their guests and clients will excitedly talk about them for months, even years, to come!