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Who said what. . .

"You impressed everyone!"

Kim Torrence, The Edmonton Sun

"I thought you were highly successful..."

Heidi Huedepohl, Project Adult Literacy Society

"Truly amazing!"

Kelly Boyd,  CJOK/KYX98 Radio 

"Complete amazement!"

Tom Popps, Gowlings

Ryan Bonnell, DEVICEmedia

"...believe in the impossible!"

Paul Williams, IBM

"How...did you two do that?"

Steve Slobogan, Bazaar and Novelty

A Quick View

What is MindReading?

Mind Reading is you knowing what I am thinking, or me knowing what you are thinking.

About our events


We take the guests and have them read our minds, read each others' minds, and become the stars of the show!

Who gets us?


We work with various sizes of companies, corporations, and charities – people who want to provide world-class entertainment at their events, so that their guests can excitedly talk about them for months, even years, to come! 

what do you get ?


When you hire  Mind2Mind  you get an interactive, memorable event. Whether you choose a walk-a-round performance or stage show or some combination of both, our show is unforgettable! Interacting with guests one on one , in small groups or with the whole audience,  Mind2Mind  will read your mind or have you read someone else's mind.  Mind2Mind  can add a special message to any performance you wish (must be discussed in advance) or turn one extra special guest into the "Star" of the show.

We are flexible and can work for audience sizes anywhere from 25 to 1000+

Our shows are designed to suit YOUR event!

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(780) 972 MIND ( 6463 )

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