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What they have said. . .

"You impressed everyone!"

'You impressed everyone, and certainly those who needed to be impressed...I'm very happy!'  -  

Kim Torrence, The Edmonton Sun

"The right mixture of humor and sensitivity."

'I want to commend you on your had the right mixture of humor and sensitivity,making you sincere and believable...I thought you were highly successful in combining these two unrelated activities (mindreading and motivational speaking) in a unique and positive manner for all of us.'  -  

Heidi Huedepohl, Project Adult Literacy Society

"Truly amazing!"

'I was called to the stage during the InterPLAY Festival, and then I cut a newspaper article to a section that contained the very same three words that he had predicted the day before, and given to our afternoon announcer...24 hours earlier! Truly amazing!'  -  

Kelly Boyd,  CJOK/KYX98 Radio 

"Complete amazement!"

'(They) did things that I cannot believe...complete amazement!'  -  

Tom Popps, Gowlings

Ryan Bonnell, DEVICEmedia

"...believe in the impossible!"

'After seeing this, (you) cannot help but believe in the impossible.'  -

Paul Williams, IBM

"How...did you two do that?"

'How the ?!? did you two do that? Get out of here!!' 

Steve Slobogan, Bazaar and Novelty

A Quick View

What is MindReading?

Mind Reading is the ability to perceive another person’s thoughts, without the use of language, visual cues, or any other types of known communication. Mind Reading is both a talent and a skill, since some people are born with the ability, and others have been taught to exhibit telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. 

About our events

 We perform a mind reading experience that utilizes the members of the audience themselves in various demonstrations from mind-to-mind communication to predicting the future, and everything in between! The event can be tailor-made to fit your year-round needs, from location to audience size to even custom designing a performance to display a corporate message! 

Who gets us?

 We work with various sizes of companies, corporations, and charities – people who want to provide world-class entertainment at their events, so that their guests can excitedly talk about them for months, even years, to come! 

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