Questions most frequently asked by our clients:

What do we need to provide for you?

We are essentially self-contained, but there are always some special situations. As such, any equipment requirements will be listed in the rider to the performance agreement.

How do we pay you?

We can accept payments by cash, cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer. The amount you pay will be determined by the package you select, and the total is due a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. Any extra fees that may be included will be addressed in the agreement rider.

Do you perform for children?

We have performed for audiences all across the continent, but they were all a minimum age of 14 or higher. Younger children do not understand what we do, and there are no coloured silks or birds or bunnies to keep their attention.

How should the room be set-up for the show?

You want your guests to have the best time they can (with the best view of the show!), so we should be performing at one end of the room, with little or no one off to the side of the stage area. If we are strolling through your audience and performing, their seating usually shouldn't matter.

Will you perform during dinner?

We cannot perform while your guests are eating. Much of what we do is interactive, and we do not want your guests to have cold food waiting for them after they have a fun time onstage with us!

Will we get a contract?

We will give you a performance agreement. It is a legal document that will outline the package you have chosen and the fees you will pay, As well, all the details, such as date and time, will be included. And signing the agreement means that you agree to the terms included in both the agreement and the rider (an attached document used to include any specifics of the client or performers for the event).


Regardless of the amount of time spent discussing the details of your special event, the date is not considered fully booked until the performance agreement is signed and the booking fee is paid. The payment must be paid in full a minimum of fourteen days prior to the event (unless under special circumstances addressed in the rider).